Friday, July 1, 2011

Summer Reading Assignment: Stuart's Cape

When you have finished reading about Stuart and his cape, please pick two of the following choices. Your response(s) should be at least one paragraph long and include correct spelling and punctuation.

1) a. In the story, Stuart creates a cape to help him be brave. Give some examples from the story of how the cape helps him face his fears…or gets him in trouble.
b. Tell about a time you had to be brave. What helped you?

2.) a. Stuart has to face some tough times in the story. Give some examples of
challenges he faces in his new school.
b. Tell about a time you faced a difficult situation. What did you do? What helped you through this time?

3) In the story Stuart creates a magical cape. In fourth grade, you will be creating
an invention all your own. If you could invent anything (magical or not), what would it be? Use your imagination to describe your invention in enough detail that I can picture it. You may draw a picture if you would like.
I can not wait to hear all about what you think of my man Stuart. Please bring your completed mini-report with you on the first day of school.

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